Looking for the Best Whole House Filtration Systems?

Pelican PC1000

Pelican PC1000 is our top choice for many reasons but mainly due to its durability. The strong metallic housing is more resistant …
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Aquasana 1.000.000 Gallons

The increased performance in improving the water quality makes this Aquasana filter a reliable choice. It can handle up to 1,000,000 gallons.
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Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest is the manufacturer of a wide range of water filters that remove up to 99% of the impurities lurking in the tap water.
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Top 3 Whole House Water
Filter Comparison

what's behind our
ratings and reviews

Filtering Technology

The type of technology used by a certain whole house filter says much about its performance. The finest units use several cartridges and incorporate innovative technologies that work together to make the water safer for drinking. The more cartridges included and the more advanced the technology used, the wider the range of pollutants eliminated from the water.

Contaminants Removal

Without a doubt, the amounts of contaminants a water filter can remove is essential when deciding on its efficiency and reliability. A good filter can handle bacteria and heavy metals with the same ease it handles large sediments and it can also remove the unpleasant chlorine odor that makes water hard to drink.


Flow Rate

The flow rate represents how much water runs at your tap in a certain amount of time and is measured in gallons per minute. Although some people are worried about the fact the water runs through a series of filters, you must know that the flow rate should not be altered by the water filter. A reliable unit maintains a high water flow regardless the filtering process.


Filter Capacity

It’s also useful to analyze how many gallons of water the filter can handle before requiring a cartridge replacement. Some filters have a capacity of 300,000 while others can reach an outstanding 1,000,000 gallons, meaning that the cartridge will not have to be replaced in as much as 10 years.



Some whole house filtering systems include a UV light that can kill dangerous viruses in the water while others are paired with a water softener that can solve the hard water issue. These additional features extend the utility and convenience of the whole house filter and make it an even wiser improvement.


Ease of Installation

Given the fact that a whole house system is installed on the main water pipe, it’s important to find the model that doesn’t require too much plumbing. A unit that is easy to install will be ready to use faster and will eliminate the need to pay for a plumber.

Whole House Water Filtering Systems Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I noticed that the last of your picks includes 14 stages while the first two only pass the water through 4 stages. How come that one is the least effective?

The performance of a water filter is not necessarily determined by the number of stages but the way they yield. Aquasana and Pelican are the best rated brands with the highest rated products that ensure almost 100% contaminant removal, regardless their number of cleaning stages.

2. Your site has helped me a lot in finding a whole house filter that suits my needs. I would also be interested in one for my vacation cabin. What would you recommend?

If your cabin is supplied with well water, you should opt for a dedicated filtration system that you can find in our comparison. If you need a regular type, a whole house unit should do a great job.

3. I see that only the Pelican can remove chloramine and I was wondering what is the importance of removing this substance.

Chloramines are a by-product of chlorine that appears when the chlorination process interferes with other chemicals in the water. There are few filters that can remove it, which is why it’s not considered a benchmark in determining the efficiency of a product. However, Pelican deserves its top position in our chart for this reason and many others.

4. Does installing a whole house filter alter the pressure of the water? I have a big house with multiple faucets and I wouldn't want to wait for ages to fill a tub or a pot.

Water filters of any kind don’t interfere with the flow rate of the water. The are designed to operate at a regular pressure so that the user will not have to suffer due to a low pressure no matter how many water sources exist in the house.