Apec Water Max 10

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This type of filter can be a good choice because of its functioning, although it is not extremely efficient compared with other models.

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Clean and healthy water is important in every home, and you can provide it for your family with the help of the Apec Max 10 filtering systems that are specially designed to remove chlorine, chloramine, bad taste and odor, thus offering clean, fresh and healthy water at every water source in your house. This type of filter is designed for performance, it is durable and reliable, and it uses an innovative technology based on a patented process that uses select coconut shell, which is completely environmentally friendly.


This filter has been designed for ultimate water purification, using acid washed granular activated carbon and steam activation from select coconut shell charcoal. The large surface of the carbon area makes it very porous, which allows 600,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water to run through it. The innovative distributor plate prevents channeling of media, thus providing a cleaner and more efficient system while the durable tank, valves, and housing can withstand extreme pH and pressure changes without leaking or bursting.

APEC whole house water filter 10 GPM Picture APEC whole house water filter 10 GPM Picture


It uses advanced technology consisting of catalytic carbon to absorb and retain chemicals existing in the water that can not be absorbed by regular carbon filters and eliminates volatile organic contaminants and nasty odors. Thanks to this efficient filter that removes chlorine, you will enjoy the best bathing water for softer skin and hair after every shower, as well as clothes that are more pleasant to touch. The fact that there are no more chlorine vapors released into the air means you will also enjoy a healthier air and a better living environment inside your house.

Specifications Sheet

Capacity 1000000 gallons
Filtration media Catalytic carbon filter
Automatic backwash Yes
Contaminants it helps remove Chlorine, VOCs, heavy metals, chemicals
DIY installation Yes
Warranty 10 years


This water filtering system is provided with the most effective design engineered with electronic auto wash for high performance and contaminant absorption. The automatic electronic programmable valve stores system configuration and functioning data to offer maximum efficiency and backwash rate. The large internal pore structure provides great absorption of chloramine and the superior level of hardness assures maximum durability.

Ease of use

Because of the pure particles in it and the high filtration capacity, the Max 10 filter has a lifespan of more than 10 years if it is properly backwashed. The auto backwash means the filter performs self-cleaning, which eliminates the need for changing filters and other components, which makes this filter an excellent money saver in the long run. The filter comes with a 10-year warranty and expert support from a first-rate manufacturer.


  • High 1,000,000-gallon capacity provides up to 10 years of service
  • Automatic backwash feature ensures little to no maintenance work is required for it
  • High chloramine removal due to large internal pore structure
  • Helps increase air quality by reducing chlorine vapors in the air
  • 10-year warranty provided for it
  • No real downsides to this product

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it eliminate volatile organic compounds?

Yes, this Apex system is capable of eliminating volatile organic compounds from the water that runs through the pipes due to the fact that it uses the advanced and effective catalytic carbon media during the purification process.

2. How does the automatic backwash feature help?

Due to the fact that the system performs backwashing automatically, it keeps the filter clean and working perfectly for a long period of time. No filter changes or other maintenance procedures are required as a result of this feature’s existence.

3. How does it help improve hair and skin health?

The purification system helps make your hair smoother and your skin softer as it reduces the chlorine content in the water you bathe with.


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