APEC Whole House Filtration Systems

APEC Max-10 Ratings

Capacity - 90%
Chlorine Removal - 80%
Flow Rate - 60%
Filtration Stages - 60%



The Whole House Max-10 is the most convenient choice in APEC's wide range of products. We love the fact that, like most of APEC's filters, it doesn't use electricity, and it requires little maintenance.

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APEC is a trusted American company, with over 17 years of experience in the water filtration industry. Their products are very versatile, being designed to satisfy the water needs of any type of household. In the whole house filtration system category, they have 4 main products: the Green Carbon-10, the Green Carbon-15, the Whole House Max-10, and the Whole House Max-15. In what follows, we will analyze the key features of these filters and we will also talk about the complementary accessories that these systems can come with, in order to deliver the purest water. Keep in mind that the products presented below are tested and certified by the WQA and the NSF.

Green Carbon-10

It is designed for low water consumption. Its listed price is $749.00, but occasionally you can find it with a $30.00 discount. It requires no electricity and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

General features

This whole house system primarily targets chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, and odors, as well as several other types of contaminants. It uses premium coconut activated carbon media, which delivers a superior filtration. Coconut activated carbon is considered the best choice for water filtration, due to the fact that it features micropores the size of most water contaminants. Unlike peat and wood activated carbon, which features larger pores suited for larger contaminants, coconut activated carbon will trap even the smallest of contaminants. The water delivered by this system is very pure, a fact which any user will be able to see for themselves when their skin and hair will become softer. It will also protect your lungs since most water contaminants can turn into toxic vapors when water is heated or agitated.

Technical specifications

It is ideal for small homes with 1-3 bathrooms. The system is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. The filtration media is designed to last for about 5-6 years. It supports a 10 GPM (gallons per minute) peak flow and it features a 9″x48″ mineral tank.

Green Carbon-15

In terms of performance, it is similar to the Green Carbon-10 model, which might make you question its $899.00 price tag. Well, the key difference consists in its capacity.

General features

Using the same filtration media, coconut activated carbon, it targets the same contaminants as the previously mentioned filter. Just like its peer, it is designed to deliver a complete protection against water contaminants, thus protecting not only your hair and your skin but your overall health.

Technical specifications

As we already mentioned, the Green Carbon-15 has a higher capacity than the Green Carbon-10 model. It can support higher peak output rates of 15 GPM, being suited for homes with 3-6 bathrooms. It features a 10″x54″ mineral tank and its filtration media will last for 5-6 years. The system is just as easy to install as the Green Carbon-10.

Whole House Max-10

Basically, this water purification system is an upgraded version of the Green Carbon-15. This is APEC’s most efficient filtration system. It costs $799.00, a decent price considering the fact that it will last two years longer than most whole house systems.

General Features

The Whole House Max-10 system also uses coconut activated carbon, so it targets the same contaminants as the two filters presented above. However, the main improvement consists in an automatic backwashing and self-cleaning system. The backwashing is designed for regeneration and the self-cleaning system improves the media’s performance and prolongs its lifespan.

Technical specifications

This purification system is the best choice for smaller homes with 1-3 bathrooms. The coconut carbon media has a 600,000-1,000,000 gallon capacity, which means that it is designed to last for 6-8 years. It features a 9″x48″ mineral tank and a 1 C.F. catalytic activated carbon media. The great thing about it is that it comes with a pre-programmed control valve, and it doesn’t require any pre-treatment or any maintenance.

Whole House Max-15

This system costs $949.00. While it may be APEC’s most expensive system, it is the best choice for a larger home, as this is the company’s highest capacity filter.

General Features

This system uses the same technologies as the Whole House Max-10. It targets the same contaminants and it uses the same innovative technologies for improving the filtration media’s performance and for prolonging its lifespan.

Technical specifications

This purification system is designed for larger homes with 3-6 bathrooms. It supports a 12 GPM peak flow. The coconut carbon media is designed to last for 6-8 years. It features a 10″x54″ mineral tank and a 1.5 C.F. catalytic activated carbon media.

Futura Salt-Free Anti-Scale Water Softeners

The water softeners designed by APEC don’t use salt, electricity or chemicals. They are designed for reducing and preventing hard water scale, thus protecting the water pipes, the water heaters, the tubs, the showers, the sinks and all the appliances that use tap water. Softened water also means that you will be using less soap and detergent, without compromising cleaning performance. These water softeners are easy to install and they don’t require a drain connection. There are three models to choose from: the Futura 10 which costs $1,190.00, the Futura 15 which costs $1,290.00, and the FUTURA 20, which costs$1,990.00. However, on occasional sales, the systems can come with $200.00 discounts. Both systems are tested and certified according to the NSF/ANSI-61 Quality Standards.

The main difference between the three softeners consists in the capacity. Futura 10 is recommended for smaller homes with 1-3 bathrooms. It features a 9″x48″ mineral tank and it supports a 10 GPM peak flow. On the other hand, Futura 15 is suitable for larger homes with 3-6 bathrooms. It has a 10″x54″ mineral tank and it supports a 15 GPM peak flow. Last but not least, the Futura 20 is designed for very large homes with more than 6 bathrooms and high flow water usage. It features a 12″x52″ mineral tank and it supports a 20 GPM peak flow.

Total Solution Water Purification Systems

If you want the finest water filtration solution, you should definitely consider the Total Solution systems. They deliver bottled water quality to any water source in your home. These systems are designed to protect your home, as well as your house, your pipes, your plumbing fixtures and your appliances. There are two systems to choose from: TOTAL SOLUTION 10 and TOTAL SOLUTION 15. Each system features a whole house water system, a water softener, and a reverse osmosis drinking water filter. The reverse osmosis system is an additional filter which targets a wider range of water contaminants, which includes but is not limited to arsenic, nitrates, metals, fluoride, and bacteria. TOTAL SOLUTION 10 is designed for small houses with 1-3 Bathrooms and it costs $2,328.00. TOTAL SOLUTION 10 is designed for larger homes with 3-6 bathrooms and it costs $2,678.00. On occasional sales, both systems can be purchased with $400 discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the coconut activated carbon media target?

Coconut activated carbon features micropores which make it prolific when it comes to removing even the smallest of water contaminants, so chlorine, VOC’s, odors, and all other issues with water quality are bound to disappear completely or at least be dramatically reduced by the media.

2. Does the self-cleaning feature increase system lifespan?

Yes, as a matter of fact, the purpose of the self-cleaning feature is to enhance filter media performance by preserving a clean environment, as well as prolong its lifespan. Furthermore, maintenance work is reduced as a result of the feature’s existence.

3. Is a 12 GPM peak flow sufficient for a large-sized residence?

A supported flow rate of 12 gallons per minute is more than enough for a home with 3 to 6 bathrooms, so you can confidently opt for this flow rating if you have a large residence.


  • Russell

    I own a Whole House Max-10, and I’m more than satisfied with its performance. Since I have installed it, the water that I drink tastes and smells better, and the foods that I prepare with water taste a lot better as well. In addition, my skin and hair have never looked better, both being soft and looking healthy and gorgeous.

  • Gloria

    I have small children, and I admit that I’m a little paranoid when it comes to their health. Could you please recommend a filtration system that will actually eliminate all the contaminants lurking in the water that my children drink and bathe with?

    • Realistically speaking, there is no water filtration system out there that is guaranteed to remove all contaminants that lurk in the water, not leaving anything behind. The best choices for you to go with are the TOTAL SOLUTION 10 model in case your home has between 1-3 bathrooms, and the TOTAL SOLUTION 15 in case you have 3-6 bathrooms, these two models coming the closest to perfection.

  • If I opt for a whole house filter, is it mandatory that I also install a water softener? Isn’t the filter supposed to deal with the high amounts of minerals in the water?

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