APEC Green Carbon Whole House Filter 10 GPM

APEC Green Carbon Whole House Filter 10 GPM Ratings

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The APEC whole house water filter uses the highest technology to remove chlorine and deposits from the drinking water. However, it lacks some useful features and supplies, compared to other whole house water filters.

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Ensuring clean and fresh water in your house is a term of safety and well-being, therefore, you should consider installing a whole house water filter in your house. The APEC 10 GPM is a great unit that provides you with a continuous water flow and chlorine-free water at every water source in your house.


The simple In/Out valve design of the APEC water filter provides adequate turnover due to the constant up-flow service direction. The up-flow design means there is no need for backwashing. The stainless steel housing covers the premium coconut activated carbon filter for superior chemical filtration and removal of chlorine and volatile organic compounds. The pleated design maximizes the dirt-holding capacity by being reusable and washable.

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The water filter is specifically designed to remove chlorine and chloramine from the water running in your house, thus assuring clean water for softer skin and smoother hair after every shower. By having improved water taste and clarity without any bad odors, you will also enjoy tastier food and drinks. Another advantage is that appliances that use water in their functioning are safe from scale deposits. This filter also assures improved whole house air quality, since there are no more chlorine vapors released in the air. This way you will enjoy better health and peace of mind knowing that harmful contaminants have been removed from every water source in your entire home.


The filter consists of a superior level of hardness with optimized density for maximum durability, while the large and extensive internal pore structure provides excellent adsorption capacity for chloramines and other chemical compounds. The fact that there is no electricity required means there will be no extra energy costs for you. With the addition of a whole house sediment filter system, you will enjoy clear water with no sediments, sand, silt, rust or scale in your entire house. This additional system is resistant to bacteria and chemicals, which makes this filter great for both residential and industrial use.

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Ease of use

The compact single tank system easily fits anywhere in your house, all you have to do is to connect the filter to the main water supply line of your house using the procedure pipe in- pipe out. The unit features no time-consuming programmable controls that need to be set and understood and there is no maintenance and no upkeep costs. Just change the catalytic carbon media every 5-8 years. This “set and forget” type of filtering system comes with a 10-year limited warranty, and as a user, you will receive the highest quality products, useful expert support, lowest price for supplies and changing parts and warranty directly from the first-rate manufacturer.


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