AquaBelle WH/S-165 Sediment Systems

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The AquaBelle WH/S-165 Whole House Sediment Systems feature rust resistant tanks that deliver a 150 PSI operating pressure. Still, this whole house water filter can't remove some of the most dangerous contaminants.

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Even if your local authorities claim that your municipal water is safe to drink, you should analyze your water quality reports to find out what type of contaminants it contains. Furthermore, although chlorine is used to kill bacteria and disinfect water, water can still pick up impurities on its way to your faucet. Plus, chlorine can form dangerous byproducts when it comes in contact with matter that naturally exists in water, which can represent a threat to your health. Therefore, this water treatment can turn out to be really dangerous, so serious measures must be taken. If you want to completely protect your family from the dangerous effects of water contaminants, you should opt for a whole house system. Depending on the type of impurities that you detect, you can opt for the AquaBelle WH/S-165 whole house sediment systems or a different unit that was designed to remove the exact chemicals that you have to deal with. Here are the main characteristics of the AquaBelle WH/S-165.


The AquaBelle was designed to help you get rid of the chlorinated or metallic taste of your tap water. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend money on bottled water when you can get more advantages with a whole house water filter. Many people don’t know this, but water contaminants can be released into the air through steam during showering, so they can affect the quality of your indoor air, too, causing breathing problems and other inconveniences. Moreover, not only that this system can provide you with fresh, clean water for drinking and showering, but it can also reduce scale, protecting your plumbings, fixtures, and appliances from mineral build ups. The best part is that it features a one-piece design for avoiding clutter.

AquaBelle WHS-165 Whole House Sediment Systems Picture AquaBelle WHS-165 Whole House Sediment Systems Picture


Aqua Belle uses a proprietary filtration media to reduce dirt, turbidity, and sediment down to 10 – 20 micron. Supposing that these are the only contaminants that you confront with, it is great for your needs, but if your tap water also contains pollutants like herbicides, nitrates, herbicides, fluoride and other chemicals, you should consider a different device. Although the systems can do a great job in removing sediment, they can’t eliminate other types of pollutants, so you should analyze your water quality report before ordering them. However, unlike other filters, it uses a small amount of water for backwashing, which can be translated into less water waste during the process.
AquaBelle WHS-165 Whole House Sediment Systems Picture AquaBelle WHS-165 Whole House Sediment Systems Picture

Specifications Sheet

Type Whole house
Design One-piece design
Operating modes Meter delayed, Meter with day overdrive, Meter Immediate, Calendar clock regeneration
NSF certified Yes
Contaminants it helps remove Chlorine, dirt, sediment, turbidity
LCD display Yes
DIY installation Yes
Warranty 10 years for the tank, 5 years for the valve


Drinking water is essential for staying hydrated and healthy, but when your tap water comes with impurities, you need to find a way to reduce these contaminants to get safer and cleaner water. The units feature a practical bypass that incorporates an inlet with a sample port, and a space-saving turbine meter so that they can fit even small homes. Furthermore, it features four operating modes: the Meter Immediate, the Meter with Day Override, the Meter Delayed, and the Calendar Clock regeneration mode. Since it includes an NSF Certified electronic control valve with an effective seal, piston, and spacer technology, it can be truly trusted, as not all water filtering products on the market have an NSF certification.

AquaBelle WHS-165 Whole House Sediment Systems Picture AquaBelle WHS-165 Whole House Sediment Systems Picture

Ease of use

Due to its user-friendly display, the AquaBelle WH/S-165 can be easily operated. Furthermore, the LCD shows the time, the regeneration cycle in progress, and the remaining life of the filter. Since the controller is energy efficient, it uses less than $3.00 of electricity in 12 months, so you won’t have to worry about any additional costs. It is backed by a 5-year warranty on the valve and a 10-year warranty on tank.


  • Features a user-friendly display that makes operation easy
  • Filter lifespan is indicated on the LCD display
  • Low power consumption – approximately $3 in 12 months
  • Puts 4 operating modes at your disposal
  • Water waste isn’t an issue with it
  • Isn’t effective against chlorine

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What water quality issues down the system tend to?

With the help of the filter media it utilizes, this AquaBelle system helps remove sediment, dirt, and turbidity down to 10-20 micron. Unfortunately, it is not capable of removing other pollutants, like chemicals, for example, so you should check what type of contamination you are dealing with before you take a decision. If the presence of sediment is your main problem, you can confidently use it. Otherwise, we recommend you move your attention toward another product.

2. How much electricity does the electronic controller consume?

Fortunately, the convenient controller this purification system features consumes less than $2.00 of electricity per years, so you need not worry when it comes to operating costs.

3. Is water waste an issue when using this system?

No, due to the fact that it uses a small amount of water during the backwashing process, water waste is not an issue you must worry about.


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