CuZn Water Systems UC-200

CuZn Water Systems UC-200 Ratings

DESIGN - 89%



We like the generous lifespan of the CuZn Water Systems UC-200 under counter water filter and the exceptional contaminant removal capabilities that it delivers. On the downside, this model does lack some important features that would have boosted its performance.

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The poor quality of the water that we drink can take a toll on our health, the contaminants that reside in it presenting a bigger danger than we could ever imagine. If you’re searching for an effective solution that will not only ensure clean drinking water but that won’t occupy any counter space either, we strongly recommend that you give the CuZn Water Systems UC-200 a try. This under sink water filter is the perfect addition to any home or office, boasting incredible purification capabilities without requiring much when it comes to maintenance work. Best of all, it comes at a fair price that makes it accessible no matter your budget. The brand that produces this top of the line under sink model is none other than CuZn Water Systems, a manufacturer that delivers high-end water and air filtration systems for residential and commercial use. Now that you know more about the basics of this water filter, it’s time to take a closer look at the design, features, performance, and other important details about it so that you may figure out whether it suits your particular needs or not.


Although this top of the line unit boasts a compact design, you shouldn’t let it fool you into thinking that it won’t perform well because that’s as far away from the truth as possible. The product measures 15.5 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter, and it weighs only 7 pounds, thus guaranteeing that you will have an easy time maneuvering it when doing the installation procedure. If you do purchase it you surely won’t regret your decision as the durable polypropylene talc construction ensures it will be in a great shape for many years. The housing of this model is white, being very discrete and tasteful. But this aspect actually isn’t of a big importance because due to the fact that it’s an under counter model, it won’t be on full display anyway so it won’t affect the decor at all.


What makes us recommend this under counter model to anyone who wants to ensure clean drinking water is the great performance that it delivers. Due to the 3-stage filtration process that it passes the water through, it is able to remove sediments, chlorine, lead, algae, scale, bad taste, odors, pesticides, herbicides, soluble heavy metals, and many other harmful contaminants. It maintains a great flow rate of 2 gallons per minute, and it ensures that no drops will occur when it comes to water pressure. Best of all, it has a generous lifespan of 5 years or 50000 gallons, this lifespan being more than enough proof to attest its highly superior quality.


To offer such an amazing performance, this unit uses a KDF-55 filtration media that targets inorganic contaminants and that prevents bacteria growth, an acid washed coconut shell activated carbon media that removes organic contaminants and impurities that cause bad taste and odor and micro sediment membranes that eliminate sand, silt, undissolved particulates, and more. What makes this unit so special is the fact that unlike carbon-only filters, it isn’t susceptible to the growth of mold and bacteria, being a truly safe option to go with. Although you can’t attach a water softener to it, thus meaning that it’s not a great option for those who are struggling with hard water, it’s still worth taking into consideration even if you do have this type of issues. We say this because many customers who have already bought it noticed that residues caused by hard water have almost completely disappeared after installing it. Unfortunately, this unit does lack certain features that would have come in handy because they could have enhanced its performance, more precisely a pre-filter that could have further eliminated the contaminants lurking in the water, making the job of the unit easier, and a UV light that would have eliminated bacteria, viruses, and germs in a very effective manner.

Ease of Use

If you’re not the DIY type of person, you will be glad to know that this under counter water filter is easier to install than you could ever imagine. When installing it, you must first disconnect the cold water line, connect it to the outlet of the water filter, and connect the stainless steel hose that it comes with to the cold water valve and the inlet of the unit. This is all that you’re required to do, so it’s easy to see why it would be a shame for you to pay extra for an expert installation. In case you do encounter any problems during the installation process and you can’t figure out what you must do by following the instructions given in the user manual, you will receive the needed assistance if you simply call the customer support team on the telephone number listed on the manufacturer’s website. When it comes to maintenance work, you will be glad to know that there’s not much of it required due to the fact that it has a generous lifespan of 50000 gallons or 5 years. In addition, it comes with a 5-year warranty, a period of time during which the manufacturer will repair or replace the product without charging you a cent for the operation as long as you follow the instructions given in the manual that it comes with regarding the proper use of the unit.