Pelican PDF-450W Countertop

PDF-450W Ratings

Design - 87%
Features - 89%
Performance - 85%
Capacity - 78%
Ease of Use - 92%



This is a very good and efficient on-faucet water filtration system, capable of eliminating most contaminants from your water; with a simple yet elegant design, it will be fit in every kitchen.

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The quality of the water we drink is more and more often under scrutiny; we hear stories about chemical and industrial factories spilling their waste in water sources, and we consider the effects that pollution has over our air and water. Besides these issues, there is the matter of municipal authorities and how they choose to provide clean, pure water to their inhabitants; we can never be certain the measures they take are sufficient, so it falls on each of us to have our water tested and see if we can rely on any quality. In some instances, it is simply a matter of poorly maintained water pipes, so the contamination is minimal, including rather common contaminants like excess chlorine and rust.

In situations like these, you don’t necessarily have to consider a whole house system, especially if you’re just concerned with water for consumption, meaning for drinking and cooking. There are plenty variants you can choose, and one of them is the countertop system, like the Pelican Water PDF-450W that we will be reviewing in what follows. Please note that this is not as efficient as a larger, more comprehensive filter, and should only be chosen after you have tested your water and determined the gravity of the problem. But you can use it even if you know your water source is safe, because there is always a small risk something will happen, and health is not something to toy with.


Although not important with most systems, the design does matter when it comes to a countertop model. In most instances, the casing cannot be placed under the sink, so you want to make sure it will fit in rather nicely with the sink and the rest of the kitchen. This system does manage to present a rather appealing carcass made from very resistant white plastic; it has a fluid, tear-like shape, and an upright position, so it won’t occupy much space on your counter. Its modern design should be suitable for most kitchens, and it will definitely look great in any bathroom. Finally, it presents a LED light indicator on the front lower part, which reminds you when it’s time to replace the actual filters inside it. It comes with a couple smooth hoses and a small, elegant faucet which will give access to the purified water.


This system can purify up to half a gallon of water per minute, so you don’t have to worry about it slowing you down. Its filter can purify a total of 450 gallons, after which it most likely needs replacement. Thus, it will last for 450 gallons, or 6 months, depending on how you use it. In this period, it can and will remove about 98% of the chlorine found in your water, leaving it with no color, no odor, and most of all, great taste. Its performance has been tested by the manufacturer, by other testers, and by numerous other customers before you.

One of the problems with most water filtration systems is that they have not been tested, so there are no safety measures taken. Although there are no governmental organizations to regulate this testing, there are non-governmental organizations like the NSF, which tests certain products, and which has tested the Pelican Water PDF-450W as well. As such, it has received a certificate of NSF/ANSI 42 and 53, which certifies that it can eliminate chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, lead, mercury, and cysts.

Specifications Sheet

Type Countertop
Dimensions 8” H x 7” W
Contaminant removal rate Over 60 types of contaminants
Filter lifespan 6 months
Maximum operating pressure 80 PSI
Maximum operating temperature 100 degrees Fahrenheit
LED indicator Yes
Warranty 1 year


For a rather small product, it is quite efficient. Pelican Water is renowned for their reliable and performing filtration systems, so it is no wonder that even smaller devices are just as qualitative. Measuring a mere 8 inches in height and 7 inches in width and does not weigh much either, although that isn’t important because it permanently rests on the counter. Thus, this particular product is fitted with a cartridge that eliminates and traps over 60 types of contaminants, the most common of which include chlorine, chloramines, rust, lead, mercury, cysts, and many other. Its PDF-450W cartridge is one of the best from this brand as you can see; it has a maximum operating pressure of 80 PSI, which is way above functioning on most faucets. Its maximum operating temperature is situated at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is again a slim chance on most faucets.

The product itself comes with a chrome diverter and hose assembly, two faucet adapters, two rubber washer, and installation instructions, so you don’t need to pay a professional to install it, nor to change its filters because it is something everyone can easily learn.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, it does come with an installation manual and a user’s guide, so once everything is in place, it is quite easy to use. Changing and replacing the cartridges is also a simple task lasting just a few minutes; you can even order more replacement filters with the product, so you don’t have to be taken by surprise when the filter expires. However, you know it lasts about 6 months, so you can prepare in advance. Otherwise, it functions like a regular faucet: you just twist the faucet, and purified water will start pouring out.

Other Considerations

Although it is not eco-friendly or energy-efficient per se, the PDF-450W does have certain qualities that make it suitable for a more protected environment. It does not function on electricity, but merely on water pressure passing through a dual carbon media. However, it requires small batteries for the filter life indicator, but these last quite a lot and will not be a concern for some time. Moreover, there are no side-effects to using these carbon filters, which don’t need recycling and can be thrown in with most garbage. Although a price is hard to estimate, the product is not very costly, and it receives a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Moreover, you receive a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its performance.

Customer Feedback

Positive reviews: Negative reviews:
”It was a lot easier to set up than the one I had before.”

”It’s the best deal I ever made, the asking price is so low I couldn’t believe it.”

”The chlorine smell in the water went away since I use it.”

”I love how easy it is to upkeep!”

”Customer support folks were really nice, I’m gonna buy from Pelican in the future too.”
”Diverter broke, had to replace it entirely.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this product remove chlorine from the water?

Yes, the water cleaning system actually has a great efficiency rate of up to 98% when it comes to removing chlorine from the water. In addition to removing this harmful contaminant, it eliminates over 60 other types of impurities, including chloramines, lead, cysts, mercury, rust, and more. Thus, performance-wise, it is one of the best products in its niche.

2. Will installing it affect water pressure?

No, seeing how this Pelican product boasts a high maximum operating pressure of up to 80 PSI, water pressure is almost 100% certain to not be affected by it. We are very confident about this statement as 80 PSI is well above the functioning of most faucets, making it unlikely for issues to ever arise from this point of view.

3. Is the countertop water cleaning product easy to install?

The countertop system actually comes with an instructions manual for the installation process, so you will receive the needed guidance to go through the entire procedure on your own. Taking into consideration its compact profile and the help you receive due to the clear and easy to follow steps shown in the manual, you will have an easy time installing it.


  • Nellie

    I own a Pelican PDF-450W water filter, and I was wondering what the yellow light on the filter indicator means?

  • Benjamin

    Can you tell me a price for this countertop unit?

    • The price is around $80. We think that this price is extremely fair and reasonable considering how many contaminants it removes from your drinking water. There are other similar units costing hundreds of dollars and performing the same, even worse in some cases.

  • Dixie

    I had a countertop water filter that connected with a diverter to the end of the sink faucet. When the diverter broke, I had to buy another water filter because the manufacturer didn’t sell that piece separately. Is this the case with the PDF-450W as well?

    • Unfortunately, Pelican does not sell diverters separately. In case this piece is affected and you can’t use it anymore, you will have to change the water filter completely. But considering how low the price for this unit is, and how unlikely it is for the diverter to break down, it’s safe to say that it is worth the investment.

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