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Pelican Water Under Counter Ratings

Design - 100%
Features - 89%
Performance - 85%
Capacity - 79%
Ease of Use - 81%



We recommend the Pelican Water drinking filter system because it is easy to install, stays out of view, and is efficient against over 60 types of contaminants, providing pure, great-tasting water.

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In a previous article, we were presenting and reviewing a counter top water filter system by Pelican Water, and some of you might have been wondering whether there is an under the counter version of that system as well. Of course there is, and it actually comes in three different models; and if we’re to rely on the quality that this brand has us accustomed to, it is very likely you will be pleased with what they have to offer as well. For some, an under-counter water filtration system might seem like an even better solution to ensure pure water for consumption and cooking, and that is because this system stays mainly out of view. Keeping a level of aestheticism in the kitchen is quite important, and a countertop filtration system can ruin it; in other situations, there is simply no room for it other than under the sink.

Pelican PDF-UC-BN Under Counter Drinking Filter System

Pelican Water filtering systems benefit from the latest technologies and the most efficient filters, so you can safely choose them if you want quality water. This, however, should only be followed after you have chemically tested your water to see the exact level of contamination; if you’re in the unfortunate position of dealing with highly contaminated and polluted water, then you have to think of a more serious solution, such as a whole house water filter system. For minor to moderate contamination, however, the Pelican Water under counter filter systems are just perfect.


As mentioned before, it comes in several models; three, to be more precise. Thus, you can look for model #PDF-UC-BN, #PDF-UC-C, or #PDF-UC-ORB. These three represent the three faucet types that you can choose from, and which come in Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes. The faucets are thin and supple, though resistant; they have long necks, so they don’t crowd your activities near the sink, and feature a single lever that is easy to handle. The actual filter casing, which will be placed under the counter or under the sink, is quite similar to the one on the counter filtering system; it is white and tear-shaped, but it is fitted with a special support that allows you to secure it onto the cabinet wall. As expected, it features a filter life indicator that visually alerts you when it’s time to replace the filters. This type of filtering system can be useful for the bathroom as well, but it is ideal for any kitchen, because the filter casing is out of view and because you can choose a faucet that resembles your existing fixtures and will look right in place.
Pelican PDF-UC-BN Under Counter Drinking Filter System (2)


We have already discussed some of the performance details; it features a PDF-450W Premium Drinking Filter that is effective against over 60 types of contaminants, starting with common culprits like chlorine and chloramine, and extending as far as removing rust, mercury, lead, cysts and most volatile organic compounds and other chemical and pharmaceutical traces. An important detail you need to know about it is that it is NSF certified; it has received quality certificates 42 and 53 which accredit its efficiency against the contaminants mentioned above.

Pelican Water Under Counter Drinking Filter Systems Pelican Water Under Counter Drinking Filter Systems picture

Not all water filtering systems receive this kind of certification, and since there are no governmental organizations to deal with regulating them, the NSF is considered an authority on the matter, at least in the United States. As mentioned so far, these cartridges have a lifetime of about 6 months or 450 gallons of water, but the Filter Life Indicator will always remind you when it’s time for replacements. This filter not only eliminates contaminants from your water but any foul odors and coloration as well, providing you with fresh, great-tasting water. Believe it or not, a product like this may even improve your cooking, because unfiltered water can change the taste and even how the foods are cooked.

Specifications Sheet

Contaminants removed Over 60
Filter life indicator Yes
Filter lifespan 6 months or 450 gallons of water
Maximum operating pressure 80 PSI
Maximum temperature 100 degrees Fahrenheit
DIY installation Yes
Certifications NSF certified, certificates 42 and 53
Warranty 1 year


Although a simple under the counter filtering system, it is very efficient against most contaminants. However, it is promoted as a drinking filter, so you know its intended uses are drinking and cooking; this may have to do more with is capacity rather than efficiency, because, under normal conditions, these filters have a lifetime of about 6 to 8 months. This is the equivalent of 450 gallons of water so, in some households, such as smaller families or couples, it may last even longer. The Pelican filter cartridges are efficient against contaminants like chlorine, rust, lead, cysts, VOCs, and mercury.

Pelican Water Under Counter Drinking Filter Systems Pelican Water Under Counter Drinking Filter Systems picture

Installing this type of filter does not require professional help; it comes with an instruction manual and all the right parts to allow you to do it on your own. The kit contains the drinking filter and its cartridges, a faucet of your choice, some valves, bolts, hoses, and the wall suspension stand; as such, a handyman should be able to install it with regular tools, although drilling a hole through the counter or sink may require precise planning. Some sinks are fitted with a special detergent dispenser; in many cases, this dispenser is useless, or breaks down – you should be able to remove it and place your drinking faucet instead, thus eliminating the need to drill an extra hole. For practical purposes, you should know that the filter casing measures some 8 inches in height, and about 7 inches in width and the depth doesn’t exceed 4 or 5 inches. The maximum flow rate of this product is half of a gallon per minute, it has a maximum operating pressure of 80 PSI, and can stand a maximum temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The system also includes an angle stop valve and all of the items mentioned above.

Pelican Water Under Counter Drinking Filter Systems Pelican Water Under Counter Drinking Filter Systems picture

Ease of Use

Although it is not as easy as pie, installing it can be done by anyone with a basic tool kit and some patience. The instruction manual is very helpful and straightforward, and the process is simple enough to understand and follow step by step. Once in place, removing or replacing the filter cartridges is also easy, as you just remove the container’s lid and put them in place. Other than that, everyone knows how to use a faucet, so you have instant access to pure, filtered water.

Pelican Water Under Counter Drinking Filter Systems Pelican Water Under Counter Drinking Filter Systems picture

Other Considerations

It does not require electricity to function; it merely works on water pressure and gravity, so in that sense, you might say it is eco-friendly. The filters do not retain important minerals from water, so you don’t have to worry about demineralized water which can leave the body with deficiencies. Replacement filter cartridges and installation pieces can be found on the manufacturer’s official website, but your retailer may have them available as well. Depending on where and how you purchase this product, it may cost somewhere between $150 – $250. Overall, neither price seems too steep, especially since you get value for that money. Finally, the manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects; it seems a bit short, but the product seems qualitative enough to last a lot longer.

Customer Feedback

Positive reviews: Negative reviews:
”I can really see the difference since I have it, the water just tastes a lot better.”

”I love how easy it is to replace the filters, a lot less hassle than with the previous system I owned.”

”Reasonable pricing for the purification performance it delivers.”

”I actually managed to install it by myself, didn’t expect it to be this easy.”

”The rotten egg smell that used to come from my tap water went away!”
”I think the indicator didn’t correctly show when I had to replace the cartridges.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the efficiency rate of this filtration system?

With it installed, you are ensured that over 60 different types of water contaminants are removed from the water you use and consume, which is a lot more than what other similar systems offer. Some of the important and common water impurities it eliminates include chlorine, chloramine, lead, mercury, VOC’s, and cysts.

2. How often do the filter cartridges need to be replaced?

The lifespan of the cartridges featured by the water purification system is 6 months. This means they require replacement after filtering approximately 450 gallons of water. However, there is a filter life indicator that will announce you when maintenance work is due, so you need not worry you might forget to replace the cartridges as you will be alerted to perform the task when the time comes.

3. Is the under counter system covered by the manufacturer against defects?

Yes, it is backed against manufacturing defects for 1 year. However, make sure you do not damage it during the installation process and use it as instructed in the manual. Otherwise, the warranty will be voided by your actions.


  • Lindsey

    I noticed that the difference between the #PDF-UC-BN, the #PDF-UC-C, and the #PDF-UC-ORB lays only in the type of finish of the faucet. Besides having different colors, do the three types of faucets differ when it comes to their durability?

    • Hello, Lindsey! No matter if you go with the Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze faucet finish, it will have the same durability and resistance to corrosion. Therefore, when choosing between the three models, all that you have to decide is what color suits your kitchen best.

  • Malcom

    Can I install this under counter water filter on my own, or will I need to call in a professional?

    • If you’re not the handy, DIY type of person, we advise you to call a professional to install the water filter. It isn’t a very hard task, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially considering that you might need to drill a hole through the sink or counter when setting it up.

  • Noel

    Does the NSF certification make it better than other under counter water filters?

    • The NSF certification is very important because it shows that the unit is actually very efficient when it comes to removing harmful contaminants found in tap water, such as chlorine, lead, fluoride, rust, or more.

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