Pelican Whole House Water Filter Systems

Premium PC1000 Ratings

Capacity - 100%
Chlorine Removal - 90%
Flow Rate - 90%
Filtration Stages - 80%



We like this filter because it is highly efficient, easy to install and requires minimum maintenance.

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Pelican is one of the best water filtration system manufacturers. Their products are efficient, durable and reasonably priced. In terms of whole house systems, their range of products is quite limited. It consists mainly of two products the PC600, and the PC1000. On their website, you will find 4 distinct products, but upon a closer inspection, you will see that there are in fact only two products, the PC600, and the PC1000, sold with and without a UV filter. Both filters presented bellow come with a NSF certification for the carbon filtration media, and a WQA certification for the structural tanks, the bypass valve, and the bypass fittings. Let’s take a closer look at these two filters and see whether or not they are worth the investment.

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Premium PC600

It is suitable for small homes, with 1-3 bathrooms. Having a 600,000 gallons capacity, its filtration media should last for about 6 years. This product’s manufacturer recommended retail price is $799.00, but occasionally, you can find it on sale with a $50-$60 discount. This system comes with a 5-year performance guarantee, a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on tank and parts. While the lifetime tank warranty is impressive, when it comes to whole house systems, the media warranty is the one that matters. In this case, we have to say that scores fewer points than Aquasana, for the same capacity filter (for their 600,000 gallons filter, Aquasana offers a 6-year performance warranty).

General features

The Premium PC600 is a 4 stage filtration system. The first stage consists of a 5-micron pre-filter which traps sand, sediment, silt, debris and other contaminants bigger than 5 microns. The second and the third stage consisted of the granular activated carbon media. The GAC consists of high-grade activated carbons based on coconut shell. Supposedly, activated coconut carbon is the best choice in this field as it is very porous and it traps even the smallest contaminants. The GAC’s main targets are chlorine, chloramine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents and numerous other contaminants. Last but not least, during the fourth stage, which consists of a copper and zinc oxidated media, the system reduces bacteria and algae and prevents their further development. In a nutshell, this system performs very well, delivering cleaner, better tasting water. It doesn’t require any electricity, nor does it need a drain. Moreover, the installation and the replacement of the filtration media are very easy to perform and don’t require the assistance of a professional plumber.

Technical Specifications

The tank has a 9″ width and a 49½” height. The system supports 10 gallons per minute maximum flow rate. This is a decent flow rate, better than the one supported by the Aquasana filters. However, in small homes, the flow rate is rarely a problem. For this system, the manufacturers recommend a 25-80 PSI operating pressure and a 36-129 F operating temperature. The system comes with a sediment pre-filter which should be changed, every 6-9 months. As far as we can tell, it doesn’t have an indicator light, so it is best if you change it every 6 months in order to be certain that it will always be efficient. As far as the main filter media, it should be changed every 5-6 years, or more precisely, every 600,000 gallons of water. Basically, you replace the main filtration media, while retaining the tank and all fittings. This translates into lower replacement costs, compared with competitive products. This replacement choice is also better for the environment as it diminishes waste. This system requires a minimum floor space of 8 ¾” x 17 ½”.

Specifications Sheet
Capacity 600,000 gallons
Filtration Stages 4
Filtration Media 5-micron pre-filter, granular activated carbon media, copper and zinc oxidized media
Flow Rate 10 GPM
Operating Pressure 25-80 PSI
Operating Temperature 36-129 degrees Fahrenheit
Performance Guarantee 5 years
Warranty Lifetime

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Premium PC1000

Basically, it offers the same advantages as the PC600. However, its larger capacity recommends it for larger homes. It is recommended for bigger estates with 3-6 bathrooms, where the 1,000,000 gallon capacity filter should provide pure water for about 5 years. The system can also be ordered for smaller homes, where the filtration media could last for up to 10 years. This system comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the main tank, all cartridge housings, the in/out heads, as well as the bypass valves. Moreover, it also comes with a 5-year performance guarantee on the filtration media and a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee. It costs $1,099.00, but occasionally, you can find it on sale with an $80-$100 discount.

General features

This filtration system of this unit is similar to that of the filter previously presented. It also works in 4 stages and it targets the same contaminants, so it is equally effective. As we already mentioned, the main difference consists in its capacity, and consequently, in its size. According to Pelican, this system is also available in a special version, for larger, high flow estate homes.

Technical specifications

This system is 59½” tall and the tank is 11″. It supports a 15 GPM maximum flow rate. Moreover, the manufacturers recommend a 25-80 PSI operating pressure and a 36-120 F operating temperature. The system requires 10 ½” x 21″ of floor space.

Specifications Sheet
Capacity 1,000,000 gallons
Filtration Stages 4
Filtration Media 5-micron pre-filter, granular activated carbon media, copper and zinc oxidized media
Flow Rate 15 GPM
Operating Pressure 25-80 PSI
Operating Temperature 36-120 degrees Fahrenheit
Performance Guarantee 5 years
Warranty Lifetime

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Whole House Water Filters with UV

As we already mentioned, although they are presented as different products the whole house systems with UV light are the same filters presented above, upgraded with a special UV lamp. As such, we will shortly detail the lamps’ features. Before we do that, you should know that UV filter lights are recommended for people who use well water, which usually contains more bacteria and viruses than the water that comes from the municipal supply. Both lamps come with an NSF 55 Class B certification. Let’s take a closer look at them.

UV Max PUV-8

This lamp is designed for the PC600 system. It comes with a control module with a failure alarm and a safety cap. It has an average power of 40 Watts and 50 Watts maximum power consumption and it works on average 110 electrical outlets. The lamp and the sensors are covered by a 1-year warranty, the power supply is covered for 3 years and the stainless steel water chamber for 10 years. The PC600-PUV-8, which includes the PC600 filter and the PUV-8 lamp has a standard price of $1,374.00, but can occasionally be found on sale with a $100 discount.

UV Max PUV-16

This lamp is designed for the PC1000 system. It has a 70 Watts power and an 83 Watts maximum power consumption. While bigger in size, this lamp comes with the same warranty as the previously mentioned lamp. The PC1000-PUV-16, which includes the PC1000 water system and the PUB-16 lamp costs $2,039.00, and can occasionally be found on sale with a $150 discount.

Whole House Water Softeners

The water softeners can be purchased as a combo along with the whole house systems, or they can be purchased separately. There are two types of softeners to choose from, each one available in two versions, depending on the size of the estate where they are to be installed.

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Advantage Series Salt Water Softeners

These softeners use the salt of potassium in order to soften the water. They work in three phases. The backwashing phase is the first phase, and it consists in the removal of dirt from the mineral tank. Next is the regeneration phase, during which the tank is recharged with sodium, which displaces calcium and magnesium which are later washed down the drain. Last but not least is the rinse phase when fresh water is used in order to rinse the mineral tank and prepare it for the next cycle. This one comes with a programmable head, which is covered by a 5-year warranty. The microprocessor features easy front panel settings, which allow you to program the system to work according to your convenience. While highly efficient in softening the water, a salt-based water softener is not recommended due to the fact that it wastes water and it discharges salt brine into the environment. Nevertheless, if you want such a system, you can choose between the PS48, recommended for smaller homes with 1-3 bathrooms, and the PS80 recommended for larger homes with 3-6 bathrooms. The price of each system varies according to the combination in which you buy it.

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NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener

This is the only salt-free water softener certified to prevent scale build-up up to 99.6%. This system requires no electricity, it doesn’t waste any water and it doesn’t release any chemicals or salt brine into the environment. It doesn’t require professional assistance to be installed, nor does it require any maintenance. Nothing to replace means no hassle and no additional costs for you.

This softener can be purchased individually, combined with a UV filter or/and a whole house water filter. Its price depends on the combination in which you decide to buy it.

Wrap Up

Depending on the size of your household and your needs, you are sure to enjoy water decontamination of the finest kind if you opt for any of these Pelican systems. As the Premium PC1000 is a higher-capacity model that is best suited for estates that have 3 to 6 bathrooms, it is an acquisition worth making for those who have big houses. If you live in a small of medium-size house, the Premium PC600 is your obvious choice as it does the exact same thing its higher priced “brother” system does, all while coming at a more reasonable price as it delivers a smaller capacity and coverage, being ideal for homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms.

If you have tested the water and ended up finding that it is infested with bacteria and germs, you are in obvious need of one of the UV systems we talked about in this article, the pick you make depending on the whole house system you select. If the tests you perform show that water hardness is your biggest problem, however, it is one of the aforementioned water softening system that you must acquire and install to prevent scale buildup and keep your water-using appliances up and running for a longer time.

With the installation of the PC1000 or PC600, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a major difference in the quality of the water you drink, cook with, and bathe with, these systems tending to a thorough purification that sets you off for a healthier living. Air quality is sure to improve as well seeing how there won’t be any chlorine and contaminant-filled steam vapors in the bathroom when you bathe, so there are only benefits to reap from making this installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do the granular activated carbon media help?

The granular activated carbon, or GAC  for short, improves system efficiency in contaminant removal by ensuring that even the smallest particles and impurities are eliminated. Among its main targets are included pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramine, and industrial solvents.

2. What are the effects of scale build-up on appliance parts?

When unfiltered, un-softened water is used by your household appliances in their operation, scale build-up appears. This is a situation you must avoid at all costs as scale dramatically decreases the lifespan and performance quality of the appliances it latches on.

3. Does the UV filter light improve well water quality?

Yes, if your water source is a well, it is actually recommended to opt for a system which features a UV filter light as this technology enables it to clear the water of viruses, germs, and bacteria.


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