Privacy Policy

Purpose of this privacy policy

We know that privacy is important to any individual. The purpose of the hereby privacy policy is to create a transparent environment on our website by telling you, our users, what type of information we collect from you, how we collect it and how we use it. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at all times without announcing the modifications prior to their implementation. Those of you who wish to stay informed about the latest modifications, should visit this page as often as possible.

Why we collect information from you?

The main reason why we collect information from you, is so that we can analyze the traffic on our website. By analyzing our traffic, we can have a better understanding of our users’ interest, so that we can constantly improve our website, according to their interests and their needs.

What kind of information we collect?


Our site uses cookies in order to offer you a better online experience. A cookie is a short file which is downloaded on your computer when you visit our site. This file can store small amounts of information, which is used strictly for traffic analysis. The cookie file does not contain any of your personal identifiable information, nor does it contain dangerous files that might harm your computer. You can access your browser’s options, in order to adjust your preferences, so that you can block the cookies or receive notifications before the placement of the cookies. This information is not sold, traded or given freely to any third party, except for our affiliates. We sometimes participate in affiliate programs, meaning that this website can make a commission if you click on some specific links or if you make purchases via certain links. Aside from that, the information collected by us is used solely by us, for creating traffic statistics. Based on this statistics, we can constantly improve our website, thus offering you a better browsing experience, adapted to your interests.
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Personally identifiable information

This refers to any data that can be used to identify, contact or locate a person. This type of information can only be accessed by us, if you provide it to us, by singing up for our services or by contacting us with the use of the contact form, presented on our website. This information may include your name, your e-mail and other details that you may choose to include in your message. We will store this information in our client data base. This information is not shared with third parties for profit.


As we already mentioned, the information that we collect from our users, is not shared with any third party, neither for free nor for profit, except for our affiliates and our partners. It is used strictly for the purpose of improving our website, in order to offer you a stress-free experience here. Nevertheless, some of your information may be disclosed in extra-ordinary circumstances, within legal boundaries, if we are required to do so by the law, or if we may use it for protecting our properties and our rights against unauthorized use.

Internet privacy

When you interact with us via the Internet, you should also consider the following privacy related matters:

External links

Our website can sometimes contain links which lead to other websites, that are not under our authority. If you are sent to another website through our site, keep in mind that our privacy policy does not apply to other sites, and for your protection, you should read the privacy policy of each website with whom you interact.

Data security

In order to protect your information as well as our own private information, we use bank-level security systems. Nevertheless, you have to understand that all systems are subjects to errors and malfunctions. We cannot guarantee that your information is 100% safe, but we do guarantee that we take the same measures for protecting your information that we take for protecting our website.