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An option worth taking into consideration if you want to ensure that the water you use when you drink, cook, and bathe is clean is the Ronaqua Dual Whole House Filter. This product doesn't only come at an attractive, low price, but it performs great as well, delivering the clean water that you dream of.

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Some people think that just because the water they drink is filtered and free of impurities, it’s enough and that their health is protected. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as the water you cook and bathe with should be free of contaminants as well for you to be truly safe. Also, there are a variety of household appliances that use water when they operate, such as washing machines and coffee makers. Thankfully, the market is filled with optimal solutions that come in the form of whole house water filters, the model that we will talk about in this review being none other than the Ronaqua Dual Whole House Filter. Coming at the price of approximately $53, this unit is not only a highly effective solution to turn to in order to ensure that the water is clean, but it’s a cheap solution as well. To learn everything there is to know about this model, continue to read the rest of the review.


The filter has a simple and durable design that makes it a dream come true for all those who are looking for a long-lasting investment that will perform great. It’s composed of two cartridges, more precisely a sediment cartridge and a block activated carbon cartridge. The micron sediment cartridge measures 10 inches by 2.5 inches, and the block activated carbon cartridge measures 9.875 inches by 2.5 inches. All in all, this filter boasts a great design and it’s made with quality and durability in mind, boasting a great plastic housing, so it’s a dependable choice to go with.


Due to the fact that it is comprised of two filter cartridges that have different purposes, it ensures that the water you use is of a high quality. The melt-blown polypropylene sediment filter removes both fine and large particles such as dirt, sand, rust, or silt from the water that goes through the pipes. The removal of these particles ensures that other types of filters, such as carbon blocks, will be able to perform better for a longer time. Also, the micron rating of this filter is 5 microns, so you can rest assured knowing that even the smallest of sediments won’t escape it. The other filter that the unit contains is a block activated carbon filter that is made of a fine coconut shell carbon. It is able to remove both bad odors and the organic compounds that cause the water to taste bad, thus ensuring that the water you consume and use will smell and taste great. The organic compound that this type of filter is best at eliminating is chlorine, so if the water that runs through your pipes is filled with this contaminant, you can breathe easy knowing that it won’t be an issue for you anymore. Just like the other filter, the block activated carbon has a 5-micron rating that ensures it will remove even the smallest of particles.


This amazing product is so popular due to the fact that it’s not only compact and cheap but because it is excellent in its performance as well, ensuring that the water that runs through your pipes is free of contaminants. What makes it such a great performing unit is the fact that it features two filter cartridges, one that removes sediments from the water, and one that eliminates odors and organic compounds. Therefore, you will be completely protected against the harmful effects of drinking, cooking, and bathing with contaminated water, and your household appliances that require water when they operate will have a prolonged lifespan as well. Unfortunately, this model does lack some important features. For example, it doesn’t feature any type of indicator that would have announced you to change the filters, meaning that you have to make sure that you don’t forget to change the filters 2-3 times per year.

Ease of Use

Most people who have bought the product praise it for the fact that it was very easy to install, doing this procedure all by themselves as it was simple. This helps save a lot of money considering that when you call a professional for such a task you are asked for a considerable sum of money. Of course, in case you’re not the DIY type of person at all, you should ask for the help of a professional rather than take your chances and damage the plumbing or the filter in any way.