iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Ratings

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We like the iSpring WGB32B 3-stage whole house water filtration system because it has 3 innovative filtration stages that provide a very clean, fresh, and hydrating water in the entire house. What we don't like is that the whole system is quite big and you must have enough room for installing it.

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These days, you can find on the market a wide range of filtration systems. They are quite expensive in comparison with regular water filters, but they definitely worth every penny as they can provide a very clean, fresh, and hydrating water in the whole house. Don’t forget that in order to live a healthy life it is important to consume a contaminant-free water at all times, and you can do this only by installing a purifying filtration system. We strongly recommend the iSpring WGB32B 3-stage whole house water filtration system, which is one of the best units of this type you can find in the shops at the moment. It costs not more and not less than $469.99. If you are interested in purchasing this product then you should make yourself comfortable and take a look at the following information.


The filtration system measures 27-inch high x 21-inch wide x 8-inch deep. There are 3 filters that provide 3 different filtration stages. Each of them measures 20 x 4.5 inches. The entire system weighs not more and not less than 40 pounds. Furthermore, you will surely like the attractive design of this system with its vibrant blue finish. The housings are without a doubt quite solid, made of high-quality material, with 1-inch ports for a very strong water pressure, up to 15 gallons per minute.


It provides excellent purification so that you can enjoy a very clean and healthy water at all times. It can remove up to 95% of manganese, sediment, iron, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants that create not only foul tastes but bad odors as well. A filtration down to 5-micron is being provided. The dual gradient density replaceable sediment media is able to produce a very fine filtration and a great dirt holding capacity. There are 3 stages of filtration and each of them has a different purpose. The first stage represents a high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter that can remove a considerable quantity of dust, particles, and rust as well. It is certified to NSF/ANSI standards. The second stage represents a carbon block 5-micron media that removes volatile organic chemicals Cryptosporidium, Giardia, lead, and MTBE. This is also certified to NSF/ANSI standards. The last stage, the third one represents an iron and manganese reducing media, which can also remove barium, radium, potassium, zinc, cadmium, mercury, cesium, calcium, strontium, chrome +3, manganese, nickel, copper, silver, aluminum, tin, and lead. All these innovative 3 filtration stages work together in order to provide you the best results in terms of water purification. The 100.000-gallon capacity replaceable coconut shell carbon filter will offer a full year of fresh, clean, and healthy water for a family of 4 members.

Specifications Sheet

Type Whole house
Dimensions 27” x 21” x 8”
Weight 40 lbs
Flow rate 15 gallons per minute
Filtration stages 3
Filter media Polypropylene sediment media, carbon block 5-micron media, iron and manganese reducing media
Filter lifespan 100,000 gallons
DIY installation Yes
Warranty 1 year


It features a 100.000-gallon capacity replaceable coconut shell carbon media, solid filter housings with 1-inch ports for up to 15-gallon water per minute water pressure, and non-proprietary standard replacement cartridges 4.5 x 20 inches. One set of 3 is already included: 1 CTO carbon, 1 sediment, and 1 lead, iron, manganese reduction media. This system also features input and output ports, which offer reinforced 1-inch female NPT threads, allowing seamless installation with excellent pressure capabilities, a flow rate of 3 – 15 GPM, 40 – 80 psi feed water pressure, 3.0 – 11.0 feed water pH, and 40 – 100 F (4 – 38 C) feed water temperature. All the 3 filtration stages that this system comes with will provide a very clean and fresh water in your entire home. Don’t forget that this system is NSF Certified, and it has a 1-year money back guarantee.

Ease of use

When it comes to this aspect, we can say that it is very easy to install, due to the fact that it has, as mentioned earlier, input and output ports that offer reinforced 1-inch NPT threads. Unlike ‘point of use’ systems, such as the reverse osmosis systems, which actually need to be installed to supply water to a specific faucet, this modern filtration system is absolutely excellent due to the fact that it will clean the water directly from the source. This means that your tap water from every output in your house will have passed through the 3 innovative filtration stages.