Culligan Whole House Water Filters

Culligan HE Ratings

Capacity - 77%
Chlorine Removal - 90%
Flow Rate - 85%
Filtration Stages - 82%



While this filter will rid your water of turbidity and unpleasant tastes and odors, it does not guarantee to eliminate over 90% of chlorine like most whole house filters do.

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The Culligan water filters focus on eliminating 6 major concerns related to tap water purity: cloudy water, the presence of rust of plumbing fixtures, blue-green stains, unpleasant water odors, chlorine taste and metallic taste. Not only can they eliminate these 6 problems, but they can also deal with more dangerous tap water contaminants. While this company may not be as popular as other manufacturers, such as Aquasana or Pelican, their filters are quite efficient. Moreover, they have the best approach towards their customers.

Since they understand that tap water quality can differ from one region to another, Culligan offers free water tests to anyone interested in buying a whole house system. This way, local experts can make accurate product recommendations. Moreover, they have a diverse range of products, offering efficient solutions for different types of problems. Their products have also been tested and certified by the WQA against NSF/ANSI Standards for removal of chlorine taste and odor, and acid neutralization.

High-Efficiency Whole House Water Filters

The HE is recommended for houses which use well water. There are three main filters to choose from, Cullar, Cullneu and FiltrCleer. Each of them is available in two tank sizes: 9″ tanks and 10″ tanks. They work on a backwashing system. They work in a similar manner as the professional filters used in water treatment plants. While this system is efficient in prolonging the lifespan of the filtration media, it is not very common for residential whole house systems, on account of the fact that it wastes water. Despite the fact that they address different types of contaminants, these systems have a similar construction and they use similar technologies.

General Features

They come with electronic controllers. While this makes things a little complicated, this type of control is common for well water filters. When setting it up for the first time, you have to program the controller, nothing too complicated, just some general settings described in the user manual. We like the fact that the controllers display the cartridge media lifespan and remaining capacity. As far as warranty goes, the entire filters are covered for one year of use, the Soft-Minder meter, and the remote control or the modem are covered for five years, the circuit board and the control valve body are covered for ten years and the tanks are covered for a lifetime.

Technical specifications

  • It has a 120,000 gallons capacity for the 9″ filter and a 180,000-gallons capacity for the 10″ media.
  • It supports a 20–120 psi pressure and the recommended operating temperature is 33–120°F (1–50°C).
  • It is certified to remove over 90% of the chlorine found in tap water.
  • It was tested and certified for acid neutralization for 14,500 gallons for the 9” filter and for 21,750 gallons for the 10” filter.
  • It is designed to operate under the same conditions as the Cullar system.
  • It was designed for particulate reduction, more specifically, class V particles from 30 to <50μm.
  • It was certified to reduce particulates to a concentration less than or equal to that recommended by the NSF/ANSI standards. In simpler words, this system reduces silt, dirt, clay or any other sediments smaller than <50μm.

Culligan High-Efficiency Water Conditioner

This system combines the efficiency of a water filter with that of a water softener. It is designed to soften and purify the water in order to deliver better tasting water, reduce rust stains and make your appliances last longer.

General features

The Culligan High-Efficiency municipal water conditioner features a Soft-Minder Meter that monitors salt levels in order to control the system’s efficiency. Thanks to its durable design, it can even be installed outdoors, and you can rest assured, knowing that it won’t corrode. It uses activated carbon filtration in order to remove unpleasant chlorine taste and odor. If you purchase the optional remote display, you will be able to monitor and control the system from anywhere in your home. It can also come with an optional modem, which automatically alerts local dealers is the system needs service or if it needs more salt.

Filters designed for specific contaminants

If your region has been subject to a specific type of water contamination, you can still benefit from pure water, directly from your tap water. Culligan offers professional solutions for a wide range of contaminants.

Culligan HE Sulfur-Cleer

  • This system can eliminate the unpleasant, rotten-egg smell which comes from sulfur contamination.
  • It reduces both the iron and the hydrogen sulfide in water. It also reduces and prevents rust stains.
  • If you wish, you can purchase it along with an optional remote display and optional automatic service notifications.

HE Iron-Cleer

  • If your water contains unhealthy amounts of iron, this is the ideal system for you.
  • It uses an advanced oxidation technology which neutralizes dissolved iron, without using harsh chemicals.
  • It comes with a convenient remote control, which allows you to monitor and control the system from anywhere in your home.
  • It also sends automatic service notifications to local dealers, should it experience any malfunctions.

Whole House Arsenic Reduction Filter

  • This system uses an advanced technology for a maximum arsenic adsorption.
  • It comes with the Soft-Minder Meter which monitors the water use and the filter’s performance.
  • The high-impact Quadra-Hull tank is designed to resist, corrosion, rust and UV rays, so the system can be installed anywhere.
  • Thanks to its advanced technology, it doesn’t require any chemical regenerators.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the role of the Soft-Minder Meter?

This technology constantly monitors salt levels with the purpose of controlling system efficiency, thus significantly enhancing the operational quality of the system.

2. Will chlorine taste and odor be reduced?

Regardless of what whole house product you opt for, you will notice a significant improvement in the taste and odor of your tap water as chlorine content will be greatly reduced.

3. What does the digital controller display?

The controller displays the remaining capacity of the filter media featured by the system, as well as its lifespan. Thus it takes the guesswork out of filter media replacement.


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